The Harvester Golf Club
State: IA City: Rhodes
Price Range: $75 - $99
Weekend Rate (w/cart): $90
Address: 833 Foster Drive
Zip Code: 50234
Phone Number: (641) 227-4653
Website: Click Here to View Website
Tee Times: Get a Tee Time

8.95 CONDITIONS out of 10
Green & Clean
Above & Beyond
8.49 HOSPITALITY out of 10
Guest Services
7.51 PLAYABILITY out of 10
Carts & Cards
8.39 FACILITIES out of 10
Tee Times
Teach & Learn
5.83 VALUE out of 10
Actual Costs
Fun Factor
FORWARD SCORE 86.00 out of 100
TOTAL SCORE out of 1000

It sounds cliché to suggest The Harvester is the cream of the Iowa golf crop. In fact it is. Cliché. Fortunately for them, it’s also true. As an employee suggested, “We don’t have a lot of competition.” That too is true. Both ways. Few golf courses define greatness in the state of Iowa. The Harvester though would indeed be the accompanying photo of said definition. It is Iowa’s most beautiful course. The best though? Well, it certainly belongs in that conversation. (With Spirit Hollow.)

Depends on what you look for in “great golf.” Whatever it is, the Harvester has it. Take this cliché to the bank. “The Harvester writes checks it can cash.” Examples: Amazing design and layout? Check. Elevation changes? Check. Water holes? Check. Dramatic scenery? Check. Excellent service? Check. Direct deposit? Uh… check??? Pristine playing conditions? Yes. Check… for the most part.

They’re always working on something here… but that is absolutely a wonderful thing. They’re not sitting back. They’re plowing ahead. You won’t find a hole on the front nine that’s anything less than stunning. Sure there are some houses. Sure there is some traffic. But everything else will divert your attention to where it should be… the amazing course. It’s far from a pushover, but from the proper tees everyone can score well. Everyone. Amid all this collective perfection, really only the 10th hole disappoints. But only in comparison to the others. It would still be a great hole on most Iowa courses. It can be tough to play a course with as high of expectations as ours. We anticipated, like most movies, to leave somewhat disappointed. Didn’t happen.

The Harvester lived up to its high billing. Largely ignored by the rest of the nation three out of every four years, Iowa deserves such a noteworthy course. Surrounded by, engrained with, and combining everything that is Iowan, this course is deservedly proud. Not boastful. It doesn’t have to be. It can’t help being awesome. Sometimes courses forget where they came from. They forget what makes them great. Iowa has several such examples. The Harvester will similarly reap what it sows. That’s cliché, yes, but it’s also true. If they continue their attention to every maintenance detail, their evident Christian spirit of servitude and their protective passion for the game it’s safe to assume, their future should be quite bountiful. Cliché? Yes. Touché? Oh yes… that too.

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Reviewed by ForeMan | January 13, 2011

Great course. Great design. Great people. Have to admit I enjoyed Spirit Hollow more... but this is a phenomenal Championship course with excellent playing conditions... The front 9 was far more enjoyable than the back for our group... but the back had some fun holes too. Don't miss this one if you're a Central Iowa golfer.

User Review

Favorite Hole on Front 9 Either 3 or the one dubbed "Holy Cow"... #6 I think.
Favorite Hole on Back 9 18 for sure.
Would you golf here again? Yes