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Topless Women Golfer Controversy...Video Now Uncovered

Posted by As Hackers Central Sees It
As Hackers Central Sees It
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on Thursday, 30 August 2012
in US Courses

Back in June we reported that two women were arrested for exposing themselves on an Illinois golf course.

See our post Women Accused of Exposing Themselves at Ilinois Golf Course .

The incident had also been covered in the online press.

Now our crack investigative reporting staff found a video from a St. Louis television station (FOX-2).

Seems the area residents were up-in-arms about these brazen women, but interestingly, this "event" has been going on for at least six years and is unofficially known as the Naked Golf Tournament.

In addition, three busloads of strippers were seen near the course, but only these two ladies who were golfing were arrested and they were then released on only $100 bonds.

The saga continues...

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