Main Staff

Kimberly MacFarlane

Course Relations Coordinator
A professional woman with over 25 years of retail, corporate account management and marketing experience. I love to golf and try to get out at least ...

Jonathan Flath

Database Manager
Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a degree in Statistics. He has a passion for golf, but that passion hasn't exactly ...

Scottene (Scottie) Snyder

Course Relations Coordinator
Recently relocated to Myrtle Beach from Chicago suburb.  Mostly retired, with a new fondness for golf, Scottie plays at least twice per week.  ...
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Bruce Stasch

CEO & Publisher
Bruce has been in the golf business since 1999 and has been a blogger, a podcaster, a writer and an online retailer. He founded Hacker's Guide in ...
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E. Nolan

Senior Editor
E. Nolan (professionally) is a degreed journalist and the Senior Writer for the Hacker's Guide. His company position carries many titles which he ...