Eastwood Golf Course Featured
State: MN City:
Price Range: $20 - $24
Weekend Rate (w/cart): $24
Address: 3505 Eastwood Rd SE
Zip Code: 55904-7804
Phone Number: (507) 281-6173
Website: Click Here to View Website
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7.84 CONDITIONS out of 10
Green & Clean
Above & Beyond
7.94 HOSPITALITY out of 10
Guest Services
8.10 PLAYABILITY out of 10
Carts & Cards
7.53 FACILITIES out of 10
Tee Times
Teach & Learn
8.28 VALUE out of 10
Actual Costs
Fun Factor
FORWARD SCORE 81.30 out of 100
TOTAL SCORE out of 1000

Eastwood Golf Club is a walk in the park, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. That also doesn’t mean it’s hard. Eastwood is a combination of all the elements a golfer loves and looks for in a course. If it has too much of anything, it’s trees, in particular on the front nine.

If you can avoid hitting a tree on the front enter next year’s US Open. Eastwood is one of Rochester’s “Big 3” municipal courses, but it’s hard to believe that this course is related in any way to Soldier’s Field or Northern Hills. Eastwood is definitely the cream of the city’s crop. But be warned… this course is cart recommended. In particular the back nine.

Urban legend has it… never mind… just get a cart. The “back nine” here is less than a decade old. The staff here caters to you like you’re on a private course. But enough banter... Eastwood’s “rule of thumb” is… Aim your first shot at the 150 yard marker in the center of the fairway, and your second shot at the pin. Distance markers line the fairways at 25 yard intervals from 200 to 100 yards out. Awesome! The prudent golfer would opt for their longest most accurate club for tee shots on Holes 1-5. While you might sacrifice distance by neglecting your driver, accuracy should take precedence here. Hit your driver on six to warm up for 7. Seven is the hardest on the front nine. Ignore the scorecard’s opinion.

Eastwood doesn’t have a “signature hole.” It has a “signature nine”. The back. The back introduces you to Mount Rochester. The tear inducing tiered greens, cavernous bunkers, tall ball-eating grass, wildlife audiences, and a Par 5 14th hole that should be a Par 6… The 11th Hole you’ll want to (but shouldn’t) go for in two. (Unless you’re a scratch golfer playing from the whites.) BTW- If you’re a scratch golfer, why are you playing from the whites? Lay up, and you could birdie or par the hole. Go for it, and your potential par could become a septuple-bogey that will forever haunt you. Should we mention the 12th? Probably, but we won’t. Just remember: Long is better than short. In our humble opinion there isn’t a better golf option in Rochester than Eastwood. Feel free to disagree. Feel free to be wrong.

Latest Update: 11/29/10

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Reviewed by FlamingGoat | February 03, 2011

I love this website. Can't believe they have every single course in Minnesota on here. Just saw they've added 2/3rds of Wisconsin too. I've played like 100 of these courses in the past year or two. Can't wait to review them all. I visit Rochester frequently from the Twin Cities and Eastwood is the best of their three city courses. The new back 9 they added there a few years back dramatically changed the course. Love it! I've read better reviews, but I like what they're doing at The Hacker's Guide.

User Review

Favorite Hole on Front 9 9
Favorite Hole on Back 9 11 or 18
Would you golf here again? Yes
Overall rating:

Reviewed by MNLancer4 | August 11, 2010

Great course for women. Excellent rates. Walkable. Two very different nines. One of the two best courses in Rochester, I think. The back nine has so many fun holes. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18... Did I leave any out... 16? I like that one too... I just really like the back nine.

User Review

Favorite Hole on Front 9 4
Favorite Hole on Back 9 10
Would you golf here again? Yes
Overall rating:

Reviewed by ForeMan | August 06, 2010

Great course for the money. Best Rochester city operated course... No question. Two very different nines... Newest nine is modern design. Love this course!

User Review

Favorite Hole on Front 9 1
Favorite Hole on Back 9 11
Would you golf here again? Yes