Are Golf Journalist Trained to Write Stupid Headlines?
Wednesday, 16 June 2010 07:16

One thing I really can’t stand about golf media pundits is that they make exceedingly stupid headlines during big tournaments like the US Open.

I didn't have to look very hard to find stupid golf headlines. Things like these from Yahoo Sports “Phil Mickelson has finished second five times. Will he finally close the deal this week at Pebble Beach?” Or, “Tryon eager to make comeback starting at US Open.” Or even “Westwood seeks major breakthrough.”

Are these supposed to be compelling headlines? Am I supposed think this is interesting journalism?  My gawd. Does this sell papers or generate eyeballs to a website?  It must because they do it every week. I’ve tried my hand at some stupid headlines.  What do you think?

“Will Tiger’s Sexcapades Affect His Swing”
“Does Phil’s Wife’s Cancer Make Him Hit Better Shots”
“Will the BP Oil Spill Cause US Open Viewership to Drop”

Who writes this stuff?
I’m sure Phil Mickelson would prefer to finish 2nd in a US Open a sixth time.  He doesn’t care about winning, it’s all about a nice walk on a pretty course. If he just covers his entry fee he’d be happy.  If you think that you’re a moron.  Of course Phil Mickelson wants to finally win at the US Open. Why is he there if he didn’t want to win every time.

Or this Tryon character. Supposedly a teen phenom. I’m sure he’d like to make a comeback since he’s stunk up the joint for the last decade.  By why is he hoping for a comeback at the US Open? At a major? Is he daft?  Why doesn’t he just try to win one of those tournaments that the big boys never play in because if follows a major?  Don’t you think he want to make a comeback EVERY time he plays?  Don’t you think that David Duval, former #1 in the world, would love to find his swing again too??  Are we an audience with an IQ of 50?? Do we think that these headlines make us want to read about poor Ty Tryon?

Or Lee Westwood, a very accomplished golfer in his own right, He’s already won a number of tournaments and finished second at a lot of majors.  Is winning one a major breakthrough?  How many golfers who have won a major disappear in obscurity? Westwood holds the title of “Best Player to Never Win a Major” now that Phil gave that moniker up after his first green jacket.  This year he’s already won a million dollars, won the St. Jude Classic and finished 2nd at The Masters. The man has already earned $27 MILLION dollars playing golf.  So he doesn’t win a major. So what?  I haven’t won a major and I’m still okay. In fact I haven’t won a golf tournament. Big deal. Lee hasn’t either, but he’s made $27 million dollars trying.