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Disecting the Award that the Meadows at Mystic Lake Received
Monday, 02 August 2010 14:40

According to a press release from :

The Meadows at Mystic Lake has been selected as the Best Casino Golf Course in Minnesota by the readers of . The results appeared in the July 2010 issue. Readers of the magazine voted last April for their favorite Midwest Native American casinos and amenities in a number of categories based on personal experience within the past twelve months.


Since we at Hacker's Guide are all about ratings and reviews, I find it very curious how other publications go about their business when rating courses. Not to criticize the award they received because I don't know what criteria the publication used, I found that the magazine divided up the casinos into only three states (MN, WI, and MI).  It also gave out 34 awards for each state from "friendliest dealers" to "best RV park".  Also, the competition was pretty thin with only three casino golf courses in the running (at least listed):

1) The Meadows at Mystic (Mystic Lake), 2) Dacotah Ridge (Jackpot Junction) and 3) Mount Frontenac (Treasure Island).

Now I realize that these courses were rated by people that like to gamble and aren't necessarily golfers, but the Hacker's Guide ratings came out much differently than this casino magazine:

1) Mount Frontenac (Treasure Island) with a score of 821, 2) Dacotah Ridge (Jackpot Junction) with a score of 799, and 3) The Meadows at Mystic (Mystic Lake) with a score of 758. Exactly in the opposite order.

With such slim competition and no clear idea of the rating criteria, I think that Mystic Lake Casino should be prouder of the fact that they were also awarded #1 for the "best slots" and the "best buffet".

Makes you go.......hmmmmm.