Enough with the Tiger Bashing Already
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 06:50

I normally try to stay away from commenting on the PGA and its players, but I needed to respond to some of the tripe that’s been written about Tiger Woods at the recent Masters.


I sat through much of the final round on a glorious Minnesota spring day.  I saw a wonderful tournament that was basically decided around the 15 th hole with some brilliant risk/reward shots by Phil Mickelson.  Yet, through much of the broadcast, everyone had to comment on how Tiger reacted to his shots and what he is thinking. Then I read comments by the Tiger haters that say that he’s a loser, that they will he’ll never win another tournament and he’s got a potty mouth.


All of a sudden golfers that throw their clubs, swear up a blue streak, drink too much and chase after the cart girl, are somehow experts in how to behave.

Now, I’m certainly not condoning Tiger’s off-course behavior.  But in spite of the fact that he’s one of the most recognized athletes in the world, couch potato spectators feel that they can judge him as a golfer based on his off-course behavior.

Just because Tiger is a certified hypocrite, that doesn’t mean he all of a sudden is a different golfer.  He’s still the richest, most successful, most dominate player in the world today. He will still probably go down as the best golfer in history. When he’s playing a tournament like the Masters, he should be judged on his play, period.

On Sunday, like a bunch of old ladies, the golf commentators and pundits had apoplexy when Tiger said “Tiger, you suck!” after a bad shot. Big deal.  Tiger did that before his problems emerged and he’ll continue to do that long into the future.

Anyone that finished 4 th in a major, especially after 5 months away from golf, should be pleased.  More so ecstatic!! Tiger wasn’t. Yet, that’s SOOO Tiger. When he’s quoted as saying that he only enters a tournament to win, he shouldn’t get criticized for that.  That’s why he plays golf. He’s a competitor.  He’s competing to win. If we paid $100 for a ticket and then the team we’re watching decides to take the day off and not try very hard, would be want our money back? Obviously.

I remember a time when former Minnesota Viking wide receiver Randy Moss admitted that he sometimes took plays off.  He sure got a ton of criticism for saying that.  Why should Tiger get grief because he says he only plays to win?  Isn’t that what we want our athletes to say?

We somehow think that Tiger is supposed to be some sort of superhero.  He’s supposed to be the most brilliant golfer in the history of the game, have millions of people watching his every move, play a game that tens of millions of people never master, play against the best players in the world on one of the toughest courses if golf, get asked repeatedly stupid and inane questions by reporters, have planes flying overhead heckling us, remain gracious to everyone, be friendly to his competition, his sponsors and his family, in spite of the fact that he just shanked a drive into the woods and his arch-nemesis is going to win the tournament.

Tiger is not a saint.  He’s a golfer plain and simple. He’s got flaws like the rest of us.  He gets up in the morning like everyone else (okay, in a multi-million dollar mansion, but you get the idea). What kind of planet do people live on?  Somehow the millions of mediocre golfers out there think that our “superheros” are somehow supposed to be different than we are.

Remember the phrase, “people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?”


  1. As a Lutheran pastor, and a golfer, do I think that Tiger should have said some of the things he said when he hit a bad shot at the Masters? No, he shouldn't have. Have I ever called myself stupid, or an idiot... said sh** or da** ... when I hit a bad shot, miss a putt, or whatever... oh, yeah, and quite frankly, I've got a higher standard to live up to than Tiger. I think Jesus said it best, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
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