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From the Police Blotter: Pinewood Country Club Fire Started
Wednesday, 21 September 2011 09:51

...by a complete moron.

I once had a friend say that the two most abundant substances in the universe were hydrogen and stupidity and with the attractiveness of shiny new golf carts parked in neat little rows out in front of the Pinewood Country Club in Harshaw, Wisconsin clubhouse, it seems that the stupid ones just can’t help themselves.


According to the :

“On May 16 th , a Rhinelander man has been charged with siphoning gas from golf carts at a local golf club and inadvertently starting a fire in the process.”

Now that doesn’t sound too bad right?  What’s a little fire between friends.

When growing up you probably got repeatedly reminded about a lot of things. “Don’t cross the street without looking both ways” or “don’t run with sharp objects” or “don’t play with matches.” Obviously these warning didn’t take with 19-year-old Matthew Roberts, because:

“The officer's report states police received information that Roberts had been at the golf course siphoning gas from the golf carts and had been using a lighter to see better when the fire started. When confronted by police, Roberts eventually admitted involvement in the fire but said the blaze was not intentionally set.”

Clearly this wasn’t intentional because this guy seems to be too stupid to do something intentionally.

If you think that stealing gas out of golf carts and setting the course on first wasn’t enough, this brilliant criminal also is:

“ facing 15 criminal counts (five felony counts of burglary, five counts of misdemeanor theft and five counts of misdemeanor criminal damage to property) in connection with an alleged burglary spree in March 2011.”

But let’s not stop there:

Police were also told that Roberts told several people he was going to bring a shotgun to the home of a sheriff's deputy, walk down the driveway, kill the deputy's family and burn the house down, according to the report. Roberts had the same plans for the residence of one of Oneida County's two circuit court judges, the report states.

Wow! His mother must be so proud.

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