How to Run a "Discreet" Golf Tournament
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 08:03

In the current economy where excess spending on lavish parties, trips and events is considered in bad taste in some quarters, organizations, one person is suggesting that they can still host an event without anyone knowing about it.

An article I found in , tells its readers how to host a golf tournament without the fanfair. It identifies five things you should do to remain incognito: lose the signs, put a third party's name on all the contracts, protect the players by not showing their names anywhere, give unmarked gifts, and host a stealth tournament.

Now, if you're intend on putting on a golf tournament, then what's the point if you don't want anyone to know about it?

My favorite is the idea of hosting a "stealth" tournament.  So no one knows that you're actually hosting a tournament, the writer quotes Roger Caldwell, president of Great Golf Events who says "choose a format in advance and scatter tee times over several days. It looks like people are merely going out to play some friendly rounds, but their scorecards are handed in and winners are calculated behind the scenes."

I'm sure Great Golf Events puts on wonderful tournaments, but I don't get it.  Why host a tournament at all if you don't want anyone to know about it or have people celebrate their low scores at a party afterward? It seems like a lot of trouble for a round of golf.  To eliminate all the "steath" activities, why don't you just give 100 people gift certificates to pay golf somewhere. No need to be stealthy then.

The idea of an event, especially a golf tournament sponsored by a corporation, is to reward employees and build goodwill between the company and its clients. To spend money on a tournament that no one is supposed to know about, especially the stockholders, is a sorry excuse to spend money.

This is poor advice that I'd hope no one would listen to.


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