If an 11-Year-Old Can Get a Hole-in-one, Why can't I?
Wednesday, 04 August 2010 06:58

I think the golf gods have a sick sense of humor. I just read that an 11-year-old from Beloit, Wisconsin got a hole-in-one at Butternut Hills Golf Course in Sarona, Wisconsin AND got to meet Larry the Cable Guy. See article.


What gives? Why can't I get a hole-in-one? Huh? Tell me. I play golf. I hit the ball well on a good day.  I've got an entire bag of fancy clubs. But I don't even come close to getting a hole-in-one, yet this....whippersnapper....gets one.

I'm all for the younger set taking up the game, but I've been playing for years and the golf gods have not smiled on me yet.  They haven't even turned up the sides of their mouths with even a smirk. Is giving holes-in-one to 11-year-olds a sort of incentive to start playing?  Does the Golf 20/20 or the junior PGA or somebody in Orlando have some sort of connection with the golf gods and can just point down from on high and give someone a hole-in-one?

What's wrong with me?  Don't I deseve a hole-in-one?  I think that being eleven and getting your first ace will now make this kid jaded.  There should be some rule against this. This pint-sized golf phenom will think he can do it all the time.  Mere pars and birdies will just be a nuisance.  It's getting a 10 but putting down an 8 is what builds character.  He'll probably move on to a lesser sport like hockey or soccer in a couple of years because the "regular" golf that most of us play (sans holes-in-one) no longer holds his attention.

The poor kid.  He'll be scarred for life living with the knowledge of getting a hole-in-one too early.  That's a pretty heavy burden to put on a child.  I'd gladly take that burden instead.

It's just my way of giving back to the sport.