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Shorewood Golf Course Considers Commiting Tree Genocide
Sunday, 22 January 2012 20:00

Golfers have a love-hate relationship with trees....we love them when they knock our errant shot back into the fairway and we loathe them when they make golf even harder. But, a group of concern citizens too umbridge when the University of Wisconsin - Green Bay announced they were considering cutting up to 10% of the trees on the Shorewood Golf Course.

Thinking that it was just standard golf course maintenance the golfing public had different ideas.

According to the WBAY TV in Green Bay:

Those with a vested interest in the golf course walked its greens Tuesday and learned why officials are looking to hack away over 10 percent of the course's total 1,600 trees. They say it's part of an improvement project.

"Impact is in most areas. The removal is somewhere between ten and fifteen percent of a particular grove. It's one here and one there. If there's 100 trees, there's 15 that'll maybe come out," golf course director Rick Warpinski said. Golf course officials cited several reasons for the trees' removal:

* Reduce maintenance costs by $2,000 to $5,000 a year

* Improve the course with extended tee boxes

* Promote new growth by making space for younger trees

Stately oaks, tall pines, shady elms might all fall victim to the course's plan...at least that is what citizens think.  The course management thinks differently and believes it is just a standard process to manage a golf course.

Stay tuned because this isn't over yet.

The WBAY TV article/video link:

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