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Tiger Woods Dumping His Caddie and Swing Coach Brings Out the Hypocrites
Wednesday, 28 September 2011 15:11


I realize there are huge egos in golf. That’s a given. With millions at stake every weekend, there’s big talk and bigger winnings. We all know about the two-year meltdown that is Tiger Woods. I don’t have to go through all the sordid details.

What is starting to bug me is the piling on that is occurring.  First it was the media, then fellow players, then his caddie, now it’s his swing coach.

Now I don’t know these guys personally nor is it likely that we’ll ever meet, but boy are there some babies out there. Namely Hank Haney (who was fired as Tiger’s swing coach) and Steve Williams (who was fired as Tiger’s caddie).

When Steve Williams was fired Hank Haney said “I’m SHOCKED.”

"Needless to say, this came as a SHOCK," Williams said in a statement posted on his own website.

"The thing that bothered me the most was T.W. not calling Dustin and asking if he could talk to Joe," said Butch Harmon, who used to work with Woods. "That's the way it's done. I'm a little disappointed with the way Tiger handled it. But I'm not surprised."  Are we somehow supposed to believe that a former swing coach of Tiger’s isn’t bitter and as an adult, can rise above taking cheap shots at a former student when he’s down…..not hardly.

In golf, you’re only as good as your next tournament victory.  If you don’t win you’re next to irrelevant.  We know the likes of Phil, Sergio, VJ, and Ernie because they are brands, but when the number one player in golf falls, and Tiger, Inc. has fallen hard and far, everyone becomes a critic and passes judgment on each of his decisions. Fire the caddie “what’s up with that?” Change the swing coach “what is he thinking?” “Oh, look what sponsor dropped him today?”

Not to be ignored because he wasn’t even Tiger’s former swing coach, Butch Harmon said he was “SHOCKED” when Tiger picked LaCava as his new caddie. So? Why should this be an issue?

Do these people live in caves? Golf is a billion dollar industry. At one point Tiger, Inc. had earned $500 MILLION in just a decade and all of these people got compensated as they came along for the ride.

Every professional, from coaches to caddies, is in the game of golf to win tournaments, otherwise they should find something else to do. It’s the end of the season and I’d assume that every golfer and his/her caddie is having an end-of-year discussion about what their plans are in 2012. Being someone’s caddies isn’t a permanent job. Even less so is being someone’s swing coach.

When Tiger was winning, everyone was willing to sell his soul to touch his robe.  The man won tournaments on a regular basis. Ten percent of a multi-million dollar payoff was pretty sweet if you’re the caddie. When Tiger was winning Steve Williams wasn’t complaining. He was racing stock cars in New Zealand. If you’re the swing coach of a winning player, you try to make everyone believe you have the Midas touch. When that winning player falls off the map (remember David Duval), what happened to your Midas touch Mr. Swing Coach?

When it appears that the money tree isn’t going to pay off anymore, people start to pile on and offer up their opinions to anyone will listen. If Tiger start to win again, these same people will be saying “I knew he’d be back”. They’ll be heard saying they “never doubted him, every golfers has slumps in his career.”

When the guy that generates all the wins has his aura of invincibility disappear, he becomes an also ran, who shouldn’t be surprised they’re fired – the swing coach and the caddie. Poor babies. That’s just the business golf.

Can someone say the “H” word?

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