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UFO Lands on Northern Minnesota Golf Course (or not)
Friday, 15 July 2011 11:46

One day in early July a round blackened circle appeared on the golf course. In addition, were four square spots.  Landing gear??

Who were these aliens that landed near the 2nd tee at the 9-hole Ponderosa Golf Course in Glyndon, Minnesota? Were they visiting because they didn’t have golf on their home world? Were they stopping to change drivers or fill up with gas?  Locals either don’t know or won’t say.

Management is covering up the event by saying that a groundskeeper’s golf cart caught fire, but we’re not buying it. In contrast to management’s party line, Ponderosa golf course manager Don Johnson has his theories. From the :

“Had to be a UFO, glad nobody got hurt.”

This burned circular mark in the middle of the fairway, complete with special square marks....could it be?

“Landing Gear, that's Landing Gear Pads”

Maybe these alien golfers are roaming around northern Minnesota golf courses right now.

This isn’t Roswell, New Mexico....is it?

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