Hidden Creek Golf Club in Owatonna, Minnesota Is No More
Saturday, 12 June 2010 13:39

According to the and the newspapers, Hidden Creek Golf Club in Owatonna has been plowed under, not to become houses, but back to farmland.

Struggling to keep up its mortgage payments, the course was taken back by Klein Bank and later sold to Kris & Kevin Deml. It was purchased on December 21, 2009 for $650,000, the 74-acre tract competed with the city-owned Brooktree Golf Course and the private Owatonna Country Club.

In a very down economy for golf, Hidden Creek may be just the first of a long list of small-town courses that are struggling under a mountain of debt and fewer customers.

Last year Hacker’s Guide rated the course and gave it a pretty low score at 613 total points.  Our rater saw that money hadn’t been put into the course during this last summer. According to the reviewer ( see our review ):

“It’s literally a bit rough around the edges, but it’s still an expedition to play.  Be sure to stock up on provisions, especially water, as there are no on-course water stations.”  The rater’s second to last sentence is poignant “This course has a chance to return to what it once was. Don’t give up on it yet!”

The website no longer works and like the former course, is merely a memory.