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Is Fort Snelling Golf Course Not Long for this World?
Wednesday, 02 November 2011 19:58


It seems that the economy is being very hard on 9-hole golf courses. According to the Star Tribune :

Golfers should probably get in their last rounds at the Fort Snelling golf course in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Last week, Superintendent Jayne Miller presented as part of her recommended 2012 budget the closure of the golf course. It's one of seven that the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board maintains. The closure is estimated to save the park board more than $58,000 next year.

The nine-hole golf course, which is located near the Fort Snelling historic site, has been on the decline for years. In 2009, the course had a negative net income of $56,125. It lost even more last year when it posted a negative net income of $86,464.

At last week's park board meeting, Scott Nelson, golf course operations manager for Fort Snelling and Meadowbrook golf courses, said the course has probably lost money for a decade.

As a consistent money-loser, Fort Snelling Golf Course doesn't do much for the City of Minneapolis budget. As a community asset it probably does a lot more.

This is likely to be its last year.

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