North Dakota Golf Trail is Highlighted in Cybergolf
Sunday, 04 April 2010 07:19

I don't know exactly when this ran, but Cybergolf, a respected independent website that is all about golf, had a review of the top three courses in North Dakota.  Not know for its golf, over the last decade some pretty impressive course have been built and ranked highly like Hawktree (in 2000) and Bully Pulpit (in 2005).

Jay Flemma, an entertainment lawyer and VERY active golfer, walks the reader through these three courses on the North Dakota Golf Trail .

Hawktree Golf Club:


(Hawktree's 7th hole with black slag bunker)

Hawktree Golf Club in Bismarck is Jim Engh's second solo design project and his first public effort. Engh, a former North Dakotan, was thrilled to work in his one-time home state. "I grew up riding on a tractor in my dad's lap, so it's nice to close the circle, so to speak, and come back home."

Bully Pulpit Golf Club:


(the tee box on Bully Pulpit's Par-5 17th hole)

"That tee box looks like a Bully Pulpit," exclaimed one golf writer, referring to a small ledge perched precariously on a precipice overlooking the 14th fairway at Bully Pulpit Golf Club. "And with that," said course designer Dr. Michael Hurdzan, "I knew we had the name for our as-yet untitled golf course."

The Links of North Dakota:


Architect Stephen Kay had to feel a little like Lewis and Clark when he arrived at the site. "It was as pure and unspoiled a place as I'd ever seen in my life," he recalls. "A student taking my course at Rutgers found the site, he and some of his friends, "Kay begins. "It looked like Ireland with all the hummocks. The soil was perfect, there were no rocks, and it's on the water: just unbelievable, a dream come true."

Jay Flemma is a great writer and looks at courses from the eyes of the architect.  He's always a good read. Read the entire article .


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