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For hacker's you gotta keep your golf scores or no one will believe you.  If you got that 82 you better document it because it will probably never happen again. If you played Pebble Beach, you better tell everybody (even though what you shot was higher than your weight). And to make sure it was real, you better have witnesses.

We want you to add your latest golf scores to our Golf Score Hacker Tracker so we are offering it for FREE.

Yep, just set up a FREE account (or log-in if you are already a member) and you can start adding your golf scores.  It will track both 9-holes and 18-holes, computer your net after handicap, notes which tees you played from, list just your scores or show everyone's.  See how you did against others, see where hackers are playing or just crow about your great round.

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It's easy and it's free.