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Wednesday, 20 January 2010 16:47

I was going to go through the states alphabetically, but in response to my "fan mail" I'll tee off on the oven that is Nevada first...

Nevada is a great state for golf. Most of the year anyways... To us in Minnesota, 100 degrees sounds like heaven right now (7 degrees outside)... to those of you in Nevada, that probably is defined as a "cold front."

Anyway... Nevada is the host of my #1 US Dream Course... "Wolf Creek" in Mesquite. My editor just informed me he'd cut my salary in half if I put my #1 National course as a #2 course in a state and since I value my pennies, I'll concede.

1. Wolf Creek Golf Club (for the best look at this course follow this link: here ) Thanks to Bubbasth1 for his awesome work!!! In my occasionally humble opinion, there is no more magnificent a course design in the United States than Wolf Creek. It was the FEATURE COURSE for EA Sports and their Tiger Woods Game Series back when Tiger golfed. I've heard tell that golfers routinely utter the word "wow" 77 times a round on average...


2. Cascata - All due respect to Golf Digest, but they've got it all wrong... It's Wolf Creek, Cascata, and then Shadow Creek... But you can't really go wrong with any of the three... Still it's safe to say you better win big at the tables before gambling on this one. Green fees range between $350 and $500 and you have to have a forecaddie, so that's at least another $50... but if you were going to throw $550 away at the tables then by all means roll the dice here instead.


3. Shadow Creek - The suckiest thing about this course is their website, which likely was designed by a blind person. It tells you nothing about the course and does the course ZERO justice in photographic credit... That said, SC used to be private, but now can be played by anyone staying at one of the MGM Mirage properties... perhaps the only way to get people to stay there. I prefer New York, New York or Le Paris when in town... and sadly the best golf you get from them is a discount for neon mini-golfing. Don't take that to mean Shadow Creek is free to MGM guests... You still have to pay a king's ransom (half of which I believe goes to Pebble Beach) to play there.


4. Reflection Bay @ Lake Las Vegas - (Course Closed) - This was very nearly the 2nd Best course in Vegas by my estimation. I was really high on this course. It was amazingly beautiful and part of an amazing resort... but somehow, despite all the attractions, it failed to survive the economic collapse of the exaggerated Vegas boom. Rumors surround it's demise and potential return. As of now, it's a "ghost course"... probably the best "ghost course" in the country... One you can only sadly look at out the windows of a resort that used to be worth the money. The stay and play packages they had there basically gave you the golf free (although the package was $300 a night). Hopefully someone comes in and does what it takes to revive this place. It would be worth it. (Photo Courtesy of Lake Las Vegas Resort.)


5. Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course - The argument could appropriately be made that this course should be closer to #2 than #5. I don't disagree... On the right day, this course is spectacular. You'll pay anywhere from $140 to $250 a round and if Cascata is worth $500, this is MOST DEFINITELY worth more than $250. It's a good ways away from Vegas, but if you're up for a road trip, you won't regret your chance to play the course that has survived many a Charles Barkley round. (Photo courtesy of Edgewood Tahoe Golf Club)


6. Wynn Las Vegas - Another one of those "rob you blind" golf courses Vegas is famous for. I guess they figure if the Casinos can get away with it, why can't they... and people keep paying it, so the rest of us are screwed. $500 for a round of golf. I don't know man, Wynn, Cascata and Shadow Creek may all be Top 6 Courses, but no course is worth paying $500 a round. I'd play Wolf Creek 3 times before I'd play any of those three once. However, the Wynn can give you something no other course in Las Vegas can give you... Garth Brooks. I've heard he sucks at golf, but word is he can sing... so I guess Garth and I have a lot in common. (Photo Courtesy of Hooked on Golf (HOG) Blog)


7. - Everyone I know who plays here LOVES it. I never have, but for the money, I understand it's a good value compared to other Vegas selections... TPC Sawgrass in Florida has an island green surrounded by water. This TPC has an island green surrounded by sand. How Cute! $125 a round. (Photo Courtesy of TPC Las Vegas)


8. Las Vegas Paiute (Wolf Course) - Perhaps if every course in Vegas had the word "wolf" in their name they'd be better courses. Las Vegas Paiute has three courses, all really good courses, all really good values... but the "Wolf" is the leader of the pack. It's no "Wolf Creek" but it's at least relatively related. At $125 to $150 a round, it's a little pricey... but like a writer once said (requesting anonymity)... you don't go to Vegas to save money. True dat! (Photo Courtesy of Las Vegas Golf Adventures)


9. The Chase @ PGA Golf Club , Coyote Springs - This one's an hour out of town, but it is truly the PGA experience, caddie and all. It's the newest of the Vegas golf sites, and boasts a future of golf expansion the rest of the city is either unable or unlikely to replicate. This is a Jack Nicklaus design, and a beauty of one. At $120 - $200 a round, it's a little up there as well, but it's brand new and really pretty. You could even take your spouse along and make him sit in the clubhouse while you golf. (You thought I'd say "her" didn't you. My wife would cut my allowance in half for a comment like that.) - Photo Courtesy of


10. Falcon Ridge - If you're not made of money, you're probably salivating at this list like you would after a supermodel... In case you're begging for something great to play that won't filet your wallet, this is the course for you. It's the poor man's Wolf Creek, although if you go to Vegas and play this instead of Wolf Creek you should be caned. At a whopping $80 a round at its most expensive, this is a great round of golf. (Photo Courtesy of


You may hear other people who have been to and golfed in Vegas throw out words like:

Primm Valley (Desert), Rio Secco, Bali Hai and The Badlands... They're all very good as well... but this isn't a Top 14 List. I just gave you 2 weeks worth of golf here, in the order in which I'd play them if money weren't an issue... but since (and if) it is... Make a great weekend out of it... Play Wolf Creek, Edgewood Tahoe, Falcon Ridge and then Wolf Creek again...

That's how you go up and down in Nevada. So get your clubs (fly Southwest) and go FORE it!


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