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Call it "AllBall"...
Thursday, 10 March 2011 10:48

You have to wonder... what was the idiot thinking who first came up with the name "flogton"? The concept makes him look smart... the name though... dumb. Why didn't he just go with "sdrawkcabdellepsflog" (golf spelled backwards) or "samegamedifferentversion"... or... "ishouldhavethoughtthisthroughbeforeisentitouttoeveryone"... something... anything other than flogton. Flogton is such a stupid name.

I may hate the chosen name, but I'll get behind the concept... In 2007 I did a "thesis" paper (for my Golf Management Degree) on "changing the game of golf"... In that paper I presented the idea of using the 15" holes on Sundays at area courses... My concept was that, instead of taking amateurs and trying to teach them a game that emphasizes putting a quarter sized object into a dime sized hole... why not make it fun for beginners, for families, for women, for children... whomever...

So many courses are closing, (many simply due to closed minds) and could have taken the opportunity to take "one last shot" by using the template they already had... and just making it more golfer friendly.

Why not? Why the heck not?

Let people practice on a real course. Let them feel good about their "non certified / not PGA handicap compliant scores"... Providing one day a week of "fun for everyone golf" HAS TO BE good for the overall game...

Those of you who object out there... just shut up... you all use your foot wedge, you take the quick glances to see if anyone's looking... you miss your 12 foot gimme putts and count them as makes... How are you preserving the "sanctity of the game?" You're not.

Make golf fun America. Get people to come out and play it for fun and they'll become addicted to it. They'll want to get better and want to play it more. "They'll start big and then go small." Kids will come from all over to play it. Courses will fill back up and so will their pocketbooks... Golf will be for everyone again... and not just the wealthy.

And you want to talk about "Pace of Play"... about making golf "faster" so more people will do it... How long do you think you need to sit over a putt on a 15" hole?

I'm not saying every course needs to do this... but every city of over 50,000 people should have such a course with the brains and balls enough to make a difference.

Just don't call it "flogton"... It's every bit as much golf as the game played by all the "circumstantial cheaters"... it's just not as abusive... not as confusing... not as hard.

Maybe it should just be called... "AllBall"... A game "of golf" for everyone. What does anyone have to lose by trying it?

You'll still either be good or suck at it. The name alone can't change your athletic disposition. You just might make that 12 foot gimme putt with the 15" hole in "AllBall."

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